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Known for its exquisite cuisine, modern art scene, rich history and beautiful countrysides, France is certainly the most visited country in the world for a reason.
Keep reading to learn more about how you can reclaim your French citizenship through your family lineage.
Member of the European Union
Number of Ways to Apply

Generations Removed

Travel Required?


If you have a direct line ancestor who has or had French citizenship, it may be possible to claim your French nationality. Due to French law, if you qualify to reclaim nationality you will most likely need to be represented by a lawyer. All the same, it can still be possible to obtain a French passport. You would be able to live, work, and study in any of the 28 countries throughout the European Union with no restrictions. 

There is currently only one way to apply for French citizenship using your family lineage.

If you know that you have an ancestor from France, we would be happy to discuss whether you can apply for citizenship. Below you will find a brief summary of what is required in order to apply.


It is a legal obligation for a French citizen to inform the French authorities of the birth of a French citizen. This legal requirement has been in place generations. Therefore, it will be necessary to argue the case at a court in Paris to obtain French citizenship through descent. Below is more information.

Lineage Requirements

To meet the requirements to argue for French citizenship, you must:
  • Have a direct line ancestor who had French citizenship
  • The Ancestor was not deprived of his or her French citizenship
  • The Ancestor did not renounce his or her French citizenship
  • The case is most arguable for a parent or grandparent who had/has French nationality

Legal Process

In order to reclaim French citizenship, it is necessary to file a case at a court in Paris. There is no one standard procedure. There are also court fees to pay.
Please contact us for more information.

Are you required to travel?

Given the intensity of the process you must go through in order to reclaim French citizenship, France is one of the select countries in the European Union that requires you to travel.

Find out if you are eligible to regain your family’s French citizenship.

Fill out our contact form to the best of your ability to speak with one of our experienced associates about how we can help to guide you through the citizenship process!