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On top of being a historically rich country, housing over 2,100 castles, Germany is also home to the European Union’s largest economy and offers free university education to citizens and non-citizens alike.
Keep reading to learn more about how you can reclaim your German citizenship through your family lineage.
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Travel Required?


If you have a parent or grandparent that was a German citizen, it is possible that you can reclaim your family’s German citizenship by descent.  This means that if you meet the requirements to receive a German passport, you would be able to live, work, and study in any of the 28 countries throughout the European Union with no restrictions. 

There is currently only one way to apply for German citizenship using your family lineage.

If you know that you have an ancestor from Germany, we would be happy to discuss whether you can apply for citizenship. Below you will find a brief summary of what is required in order to apply.


Many people whose parents or grandparents were born in Germany qualify for German citizenship through descent. Below are the personal requirements you must meet, as well as the documentation you must be able to present.

Lineage Requirements

To meet the requirements for Czech citizenship, you must have at least one parent (or sometimes grandparent) who:
  • Was a German citizen at the time of your birth

Paperwork Requirements

To apply for German citizenship, you must have the appropriate documents in order,  and of which must be translated into German. You must be able to provide original or translated copies of:
  • Your own birth certificate
  • The birth certificate(s) and other relevant documents of your German parent or Grandparent
  • Copies of your ancestor(s)’ German passport(s) from when you were born

Some other forms that may help your case include:

  • Your parents’ marriage certificate
  • Copies of grandparent(s)’ German passport (s) from when you were born
  • Your grandparents’ marriage certificate
  • All certificates proving US naturalization
  • Any other proof of citizenship from one of your ancestors

Are you required to travel?

Some countries require you to travel in order to receive your citizenship once you have proven to be related to a citizen, however, this is not required by the German government! You can receive your German citizenship without ever leaving your home country.

Find out if you are eligible to regain your family’s German citizenship.

Fill out our contact form to the best of your ability to speak with one of our experienced associates about how we can help to guide you through the citizenship process!